Working in a gas station has made me realize one truth about humans, they are gross. In the past few months I have seen and smelled things that have made me puke on first whiff. Children make similar messes.Children commonly poop their pants, smear bodily fluids all over things, and take bites out of food and put the remainder of the uneaten food back in the box where the food was found. Children do these things because that is what they do, adults commit these sort of acts because they are gross…and rude…and I’m guessing pretty bored. Unless an adult has IBS or another gastrointestinal disorder I don’t understand the need to crap all over a public restroom. Not once in my life have I gotten the urge to soil my pants, find the closest gas station with a bathroom, remove my soiled pants and underwear in the bathroom trashcan, and smear and track feces around said gas station. I have also never found it a pleasant experience to take a poop in a clogged gas station toilet that has already been clogged to the brim with another individuals butt bombs.

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