I am 25 and live in Kentucky. I have no idea what I want to do with my life but for the time being I’m writing about anything and everything and throwing it here on this blog. I have realized over time I need to take advantage of where I live and do the thing that is most inexpensive and entertaining to me which is writing.

What do I write about: Cats, movies, music, life, TV, gross stuff, scary stuff, just stuff. The people in my life that I idolize have created art out of the mundane and written about everyday life, you may see it as ritualistic or boring but there is pleasure in my life as well as pain and that is what I wish to illustrate and share. The truth is all of the things that I feel are unique about me have come through shared experiences. Many of the feelings and experiences I have had in my life are common and happen to a lot of people which makes me hope there is someone else out there who will sympathize, disagree and tell me why, or actually listen to me go on.