This all started with a comic book I created for a college class based on the internal dialogues of my furry friends. Each of my sweet fur babies has a very distinct personality and this is the place where I would like to let the fur fly free and dish about my babies. Yes, my babies. Have I been able to have kids, sadly no, but my cats are mine and my husbands kids. Time to brag up our kids like everyone else.


Thomas Jefferson, Tom for short is the leader of our clouter. We rescued him from Knox/Whitley Animal Shelter the year we got married 2008.

Tom outside

Thomas outside our second apartment


With Tom came his sister Emmy. Emmy was a friends cat and after she realized she was not a cat person we took Emmy. Emmy was adopted the same day as Tom in 2008.

Emmy outside

Emmy outside our second apartment


Marley Tiger came next. A friend found this sweet girl outside and she had no home. Full o’ fleas we took her. She and Emmy spend their days together as an outdoor/indoor duo.

marley little

Marley and my husband Andy








The Momma cat A.K.A Trixie A.K.A Slink A.K.A Momma showed up next pregnant and cold in December of 2009. Belly full of babies she happily came into our warm home. She roams indoor/outdoor with Marley and Emmy.

momma with the first litter

Momma with her first litter of kittens


From mommas womb came our two brothers. Toothless and Stan (seen in the picture as newborns the grey one with the white face and the all black one). Now all grown up Stan is a notorious trouble maker and Toothless is as sweet as pie, and yes, he has teeth.





AL showed up outside a Huddle House in town and we took him in, unfortunately he passed away last year in November. A string twisted his intestines and he had to be put to sleep but he and Toothless were best friends and lovers.




Most recently a cat broke into our house and refused to leave so we took him in! We love him despite his ability to break into houses. We have named him Charlie Chaplin because he is indeed a little tramp.

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin