Toothless OutsideThis is Toothless, yes he has teeth. Tooth is named after the dragon from How To Train Your Dragon. He is part Maine Coon and all big baby. I spoil him. Believe it or not he is Stan’s brother.

IMG_20120314_003753Yes, this grey and white cutie is his brother. Back to Tooth.

IMG_3515He and I are both big fatties. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and rheumatoid arthritis about six years ago. Both illnesses make most days painful and difficult to move around and has been a huge part of my continual weight gain/weight loss seesaw.Toothy and I are fat asses. Tooth is because I spoil the hell out of him with treats and he is a breed of cat that is generally a huge cat. I am because many days my body hurts so bad I do not want to leave my bed, my house, or do anything. Going into college I had huge assed dreams to match my huge ass. Bipolar disorder and my aforementioned diseases have prevented me from going forward with…any of them. Broken dreams have formed into the scar tissue covered excuses I use on a daily basis to explain away the reasons why I am wasting away.


In an attempt to combat all this shit, Toothless and I have been going on walks. They aren’t lengthy time consuming trips. They typically only last a few feet and end in a hand full of Cheesy Middle treats for him and a sense of some kind of accomplishment for me. Getting his whiny ass on the grass and away from the porch was a huge accomplishment for both of us. 



My husband typically motivates both of us to get outside. Because of the benefit of strength in furry numbers we try to get all the cats outside together. Our three boys: Tooth, Thomas, and Stan are mainly indoor cats but we believe in allowing them to roam a few hours a few days a week. I guess it’s the small steps that count right.

Thomas and Marley

                   Marley and Thomas


                 Thomas on the porch


     Stan and Toothless: Brotherly Love